February 26, 2008

MS Office 2007 docs & OpenOffice

The problem with MS Office 2007 documents is that they have to be saved in a version other than 2007 if you are planning on sending them to anyone who is not using the 2007 version. Now those of us who use OpenOffice (the open source software) have a translator available that should allow us to read Office 2007 documents. The OpenXML Translator allows you to

"Expand OpenOffice.org's document opening, saving, and conversion powers to Office 2007 documents with the Open XML Translator, a free plug-in intended for Ubuntu systems."

I'll have to try it at home tonight!

February 15, 2008

Tom Edelblute Recognized for Accompishments

At the Anaheim Library Division meeting on February 13, 2008, Tom Edelblute was recognized for two accomplishments. The first was completing the Villanova University certificate curriculum in IS/IT Project Management. The second was receiving the Technican Class for the amature radio (AKA HAM radio) operators license. This second one is important with his operating in the capacity as Communications Lead for Care and Shelter in the event of an emergency in Anaheim.