February 18, 2009

2/18/09 Meeting

Workshop Title: OPAC 2.010

Program (hopefully)

SoPac – 45 min

BiblioCommons – 45 min

Break – 15 min

Library Thing – New Directions – 20 min

Update on Open Source Project – 15 min

Torrance GPS Project – 30 min

To Do:

  • Pam ask Heather if she will contact SoPac, BiblioCommons, Library Thing

    Want covered by SoPac and BiblioCommons

    How do you enhance the OPAC

    How do you integrate with current ILS programs

    How do you integrate with 3rd party programs, such as, EnvisionWare and Webfeet

    Advantages for library staff

    Advantages for public

    How deal with multiple languages

    Want covered by Library Thing

    What are the new directions for Library Thing?

    How exactly will LT integrate with Syndetic

  • Irene to contact Norm
  • Pam to confirm with Rosario