October 31, 2007

Anti-virus Scanning Solution

Hi folks-

PVLD is in the process of looking for a new comprehensive (anti-virus scanning, anti-spyware, etc.) virus protection software application for its entire network. Has to scan servers in addition to desktops. Would very much like to scan clients for spyware and malware in addition to viruses. Also, needs to scan messages on my MS Exchange 2003 server. Currently we use Sophos but do NOT plan to renew our contract with them; at this point, we favor Trend Micro but would like to know what other librarie are using.

Any thoughts on this issue?


October 30, 2007

Drupel and other CMS

I am working on an RFP for a Content Management System for the library and would like to solicit the group's knowledge in CMS. It will really be helpful to me if you are willing to share your RFP or any issues to watch out for during negotiation and implementation.

Samantha Yeung, Thousand Oaks Library

October 19, 2007

Anaheim Opens New Museum Space

So what does this have to do with library services? Well, the Anaheim Public Library has a Local History Room that oversees the Anaheim Museum operation. With that, the library automation team and city networking team have been working together to get the MUZEO open to the public. It is now open with an Imperial Rome exhibit, which is its final stop before it returns to Italy. You can learn more at http://www.muzeo.org/

Thomas Edelblute, Anaheim Public Library


Hi you all!

This was painless; unlike the last time. Easy to sign up and use. Hope all is well. we start Innovative (Millennium 2006 ILS) training on Monday! We've all looking forward to it!

October 18, 2007


Hi Folks:

If your blogger name is different from the name we know you by, could you sign your posts with your first name, please.

Thanks - Pam

Hello all

It's a pleasure to see the new Mark Twain Branch. I wonder would this be all right if I share my blog with you and hopefully, gather some comments?


As promised at the last meeting, I have put up the Automated Services blog on Blogger.