December 4, 2007

Vendors for Self-Check and PC Reservation

Hi Everyone,

We're in the process of looking at vendors for self-check and also for PC Reservation software. Which vendors are you using in your libraries? Any recommendations?


City of Commerce Public Library


Duedsml said...

Burbank has one 3M self-check and uses Envisionware for PC reservation and print management. Is your ILS partnered up with any particular companies, that is worth exploring.

David Peterson
Burbank Public Library

SYL said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie:

We are using SAM and plan it install in the next few month.
We just selected them last year.

Wendy OPL

SYL said...

At Thousand Oaks, we use Pharos to manage our print and PC time management. We have been working with IKON currently and Xerox in the original deployment in 2001.

We have 3M self-check and Libramation self-Check machines.