April 3, 2008

April 3 meeting

Podcasting libraries:

  • John Legree and InfoPeople are set
  • June 5 from 9-12 City of San Marino Library
  • Irene - will look into educators doing podcasts
  • Linda - will contact Sirsi Dynix
  • Pam will follow up with OCLC, check ASTD podcasters and Knowledgeshift
  • All will rack their brains for other potential speakers

We'll update the blog with info as we get it.

Next Conference Call - April 17th @ 10:00 am

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Pam said...

OK. We have OCLC Western. It will either be Amy Crawford (Manager Electronic Resources and Training) or Amy - Senior Training Support Coordinator. They are also going to try to come up with a member library that might be good for the panel!!!