October 19, 2007

Anaheim Opens New Museum Space

So what does this have to do with library services? Well, the Anaheim Public Library has a Local History Room that oversees the Anaheim Museum operation. With that, the library automation team and city networking team have been working together to get the MUZEO open to the public. It is now open with an Imperial Rome exhibit, which is its final stop before it returns to Italy. You can learn more at http://www.muzeo.org/

Thomas Edelblute, Anaheim Public Library


Pam said...

Hi Tom:

Is this the museum that doesn't have any permanent collection but focuses on traveling exhibitions??

Automation Team said...

My understanding is that the old Carnegie Library building part of the MUZEO will hold the permanent exhibit dealing with Anaheim History, and the new construction behind it will concentrate on the travelling exhibits. However, part of Imperial Rome is in the Carnegie.

Thomas Edelblute, Anaheim Public Library

Anonymous said...

Tom's got it right. That is what Carol Stone has indicated at Santiago Council meetings. This Imperial Rome exhibit sounds great.