October 30, 2007

Drupel and other CMS

I am working on an RFP for a Content Management System for the library and would like to solicit the group's knowledge in CMS. It will really be helpful to me if you are willing to share your RFP or any issues to watch out for during negotiation and implementation.

Samantha Yeung, Thousand Oaks Library

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David Kutcher said...


You can find lots of sample RFPs, as well as a great place to publicize your RFP, at the RFP Database.

My company, while a software development firm, also provides services to clients whereby we recuse ourselves from the development opportunity and help organizations with selecting and managing a technology vendor to implement the project. RFP writing, publication, proposal review, contract review, and 3rd party project advising... our role is to help you implement your technology project successfully. Check us out and give me a call!